Presents for the Princess

Last week we got this cute box in the mail from Fab Kids. I was so excited I almost forgot to take a picture! Fab Kids is a new girl’s fashion line from designer Denise Kalinowski and actress Christina Applegate. You take a fun quiz on your daughter’s personality and then they email you new outfits each month. Each outfit contains 3 pieces, costs $49.95, and shipping is free.



Back to Princess A! When I got this outfit I knew I had to take a picture of her in it next to these parrots. Unfortunately, the weather had other ideas and it began to rain. I strapped Princess A into her stroller and moved on.


The rain is playing tricks with you mommy.

On the walk home the rain stopped. I was annoyed but then I saw this blue door and took a picture of Princess A in front of it.


I will get this dress dirty!

Then Princess A sat on the wet door step. I was so worried that she may have messed up her dress before I got a good picture. Luckily, I was able to simply brush the dirt off.


Looks like Rain

Then it started to rain again so off we went.


I am helping you work on your photography skills by being difficult!

A couple of blocks later it stopped AGAIN. So I decided to take Princess A out of her stroller for some more pictures.



She was more interested in practicing her ballet.


Catch me if you can!

And running from me.



Then stopping to be contemplative.



Then running away from me again.


Ready for School

Then guess what? It started to rain and then stopped AGAIN. I let Princess A out one more time to try for more pictures.


I’m a puppy who loves stairs

Then I got mad at myself for choosing this outfit because Princess A is going through a phase where she pretends to be a puppy by crawling up and down stairs on her knees. This usually creates holes in the knees of all leggings after just a couple of hours. I was afraid these awesome metallic tights would fray under pressure. Lucky for Princess A and I they did not!


I ain’t fraid a no rain!

Then it started to rain again and instead of trying for more pictures we headed home. At the time I was annoyed because I thought I didn’t get enough good shots. Later I realized the rain must have been messing with my vision, because I got tons of good shots of Princess A in this Fab Kids outfit. Best part is the rain and stairs allowed me to really test out the quality of these clothes which I have to say is top-notch. Also, this dress has a black lining and an awesome zipper in the back. Details like this are rarely seen in children’s fashion.


Freckles approved!

Then we went home and played fetch with Freckles. He loves the outfit as well.


Pink Leopard

And here is a better picture of the glam socks that came with this outfit!

While I love picking out clothes for “Princess A’s Outfit of the Day”, it was nice to have someone else do it for me and the fact that my daughter didn’t destroy the clothes in one play session was another plus. If you want to dress your daughter in fun clothes but don’t have time to piece together outfits I would highly suggest checking Fab Kids out!

Dress, Socks, and Tights- Fab Kids

Bow- Walmart via SuperGlamFan Brianna

Shoes- Toms

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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