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Shopping for Mommy!

Over the weekend Princess A went to her grandparent’s house. I was so ready for a break but the second she left I missed her like crazy. I got a lot of sleep, hung out with friends. and did some shopping for myself… CRAZY I KNOW. It was a lot of fun but boring compared to the way I felt when Princess A got home from her grandparent’s and screamed “MOMMY!”

Besides the fact that I need a break sometimes, I think it’s really important for Princess A to go to her grandparents and have a babysitter every once in a while. I get to do something besides changing her diaper and she gets to build relationships with people other than me. When we are together again I feel like we appreciate each other more.

When she was younger I used to be insecure about our relationship and got a little jealous if she showed interest in someone besides my husband and I. Now it is quite the opposite. When she gets excited to see her grandparents or babysitter I feel relieved that she has people in her life that she loves and trusts besides her parents. I would love to be her everything but I am not perfect so it’s relaxing to know that she has other people to turn to besides me. And I’m not insecure anymore because although I know she has tons of fun at her grandparent’s house the second she sees me she gives me a huge hug!

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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