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We took Princess A to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. It isn’t our favorite museum because all Princess A wanted to do was go up and down stairs. We can do that at home for free! But we still had a good time!

firetruck baby mom blog

Father Daughter Fire Team

Princess A had fun driving the fire truck with Daddy.

slide baby mom blog

Slide time!

She also enjoyed the slide… all 100 million times she went down it.

baby squats ralph lauren


Princess A also enjoys squatting down and sitting on things. It looks like quite the workout. Maybe that’s why she is so strong?

stairs baby obsessed

I can do it!

Here she is doing her favorite activity… stairs. I can’t wait for her to master stairs because it is really tiring. But who am I fooling? I am sure when she masters stairs Princess A will find a new skill to tackle that is equally exhausting for us.

Dress- Ralph Lauren via PoopPeePuke the Store

Shoes- Sperry

Bow- Walmart via Grandma H

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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