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What are they all waiting for?!?!?!

I was walking around the Upper West Side of NYC and saw all these people waiting in line outside a small bakery. I had to find out what all the commotions was about.
levain bakery mom blog upper west side

Hmmmmm. Don’t mind if I do.

I got closer and looked inside and saw tons of yummy looking cookies and breads. I decided I had to try something from this place. I mean all the people waiting in line couldn’t be wrong!

dark chocolate peanut butter chip levain bakery

The Best Cookie of My Life!

I decided on a dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie and I can honestly say it was the best cookie of my life. I really can’t describe why it was so good but it was different from any cookie I have ever tasted. The fact that it was fresh out of the oven helped as well! If you visit New York City you should definitely stop by Levain Bakery. If you can’t make it to NYC and would like some cookies you are in luck because they have an online store that ships all over the world!

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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