fathers day mets baseball

I love Daddy

For Father’s Day I got Princess A this cute shirt because her dad is definitely rad!

mets baseball citifield dad

Princess A’s first baseball game!

We went to a baseball game and it was Princess A’s first game ever. It was weird that we took her to a Mets game for her first baseball experience because my family are Cardinals fans and The Husband is a Yankee fan. But a family friend gave us some awesome tickets and we could never turn down baseball tickets!

baseball baby mets

Wow… can I play?

Princess A was fascinated by the game. I wonder what she thought she was watching?

grandpa mets baby

Grandpa and Me

She spent her time on her Grandpa’s lap. Citifield is near an airport and planes fly over the stadium almost every 5 minutes. Every time a plane flew by Princess A would shout and point. She though the airplanes were more interesting than the baseball game which is ironic because she hates flying!

yankees mets baby father

Don’t worry Dad, I am still a Yankees fan!

It was a perfect day for a baseball game and Princess A was well behaved even though she missed her nap. Now let’s hope she isn’t influenced by this experience and still grows up to be a Yankee or Cardinals fan!

Shirt- Old Navy

Pants- Zara Kids

Hoodie- Target

Shoes- Crocs via PoopPeePuke the Store

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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