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Princess A and Freckles have always had a special relationship. Maybe it is because they both like to chew things, play fetch, and eat food off the floor.

baby marlon brando mom blogI have also compared Princess A to Marlon Brando in the Godfather before but the way she has been handling Freckles lately makes the comparison even more appropriate.

baby godfather cat dog The above picture is old because I haven’t been able to catch Freckles and Princess A in the act of sitting in her baby chair like mobsters for awhile. Whenever I get the camera out Freckles runs away like I totally wasn’t quietly cuddling with Princess A.

Freckles loves to put stuff in his mouth and he listens to me about 50% of the time and drops it. But when the situation gets bad and he refuses to listen we have to send in the big guns… our baby. Princess A toddles over like a mean drunk and all she has to do is stand next to Freckles and he guiltily drops it. I wish I knew her secret because I want Freckles to listen to me as well but I guess I should just be grateful that he listens to someone.

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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