nantucket beach seashells

Piggies and Sea Shells

I think Nantucket has quote possibly the best sea shells in the world. They look fake because they are so perfect. There are so many of them it is hard to walk barefoot on the beach.

chanel seashell

CoCo Chanel Seashell

This seashell reminds me of Coco Chanel because it is black and white.

seashells nantucket pooppeepuke

It’s raining Seashells!

This bench had so many seashells surrounding it you would have thought they were put there on purpose!

seashell pooppeepuke nantucket

Perfect for Lord of the Flies

This seashell reminded me of what the one in Lord of the Flies might look like.

chanel seashell pooppeepuke

Another Coco

Here’s another Chanel seashell. I can’t wait until Princess A realizes how cool seashells are and maybe collects them. I also wish our money was seashells. Instead of saying I got a lot of dough it would be more fun to say I have a lot of seashells! Now try to read this post to yourself out loud ten times really fast. I think I wrote seashell too many times.

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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  1. MarS June 18, 2012 at 12:46 PM #

    Aww beautiful, I especially like the bird prints photo.

    I thought they were petals by the bench!

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