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On this flight home we let Princess A run around the airport so she could blow off some steam. The plane ride home turned out much better so maybe this is what she needs.

saucony lax running

Catch me if you can

I wanted her to be glam but comfortable so I put her in this pink zebra outfit. She has worn this outfit in a previous outfit of the day post as well. The reason I am doing so many repeat outfits lately is because Princess A doesn’t fit into bigger clothes yet. She has gotten taller but lost some weight… maybe it’s all that running she does?

pooppeepuke pink zebra mum mum

Pit Stop

See she won’t even stop for a snack. She has to eat and run. The flight home did go much better and I can’t wait to share which tips from you worked but this week we are on vacation for our anniversary and I left my airplane pictures at home so I will write about it at another time.

Pant and Shirt set- 77 kids

Shoes- Saucony via

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

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