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This week for my mommy and me matching post I am doing PJs. Princess A talks in her sleep and moves a lot so she has always slept in her crib but I long for the day when we can stay in our PJs, cuddle, and watch cartoons. Every time it rains I try to cuddle with Princess A but she wiggles free because there is too much exciting mischief to get into! When she is old enough to sit still for longer than one second we will wear matching PJs.

I have always loved Hatley but until recently I thought they only made kids rain gear. They actually make adult clothes, aprons, and kitchen supplies as well. I was browsing their website and saw these cute lab PJs. I love labs so these are right up my alley. I also like these PJs because they are matching but not exactly the same. And don’t worry mom’s with sons, I found a matching set for the boys as well!

1.Pink Labs Women’s Pajama Pants 2.Pink Labs Kids’ Overall Print Pajama Set 3.Blue Labs Kids’ Overall Print Pajama Set

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutherland

images via Hatley

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