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Princess Amelia... Coincidence??? I think Not!

I love when a summer thunderstorm passes through but I always like to have a rainy day activity tucked away that I can pull out for Princess A. Frecklebox has an entire collection of personalized goodies for children that are sure to distract them until they are able to go back outside. I love the personalized puzzles! They have different pictures for boys and girls which are absolutely adorable. The coloring books are another great way to pass the time and you can display your child’s name on each page!

I know what you are thinking… It’s National Freckles Appreciation Day… so Shannon must just like Freckles Box because her dog is named Freckles. And she must like it even more because they use the name Amelia on sample products which I have to admit is how this company first caught my attention. But, I keep buying gifts from them because the gifts are so fun.

So Visit Frecklebox today and receive free shipping on all orders over $45 with promo code FREESHIPPING. This offer ends on May 31st so hurry up!!!

1. Personalized Puzzle

2. Personalized Puzzle

3. Personalized Coloring Book

4. Personalized Coloring Book

Stay Glamorous,

Shannon Sutehrland

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