This is the top half of Princess A’s 1st birthday card. I got it from TinyPrints.com which will now be called Treat.com. They are offering some special promotions to celebrate! I am really happy to share this news with my readers because I have used this company for my wedding invitations, Princess A’s birth announcements, business cards, wall hangings and so much more. The above picture is the back of her birthday invitation. I wanted people to feel guilty if they couldn’t make it to her party!Treat Mother's Day Greeting Cards
This company is Princess A approved so you know it’s good! We are very excited because Treat has added some features to make itself even more awesome!!! It’s a new brand from the folks at Shutterfly and Tiny Prints that lets you create unique, personalized greeting cards. With more than 4,500 customized card designs at launch, the Treat service offers one of the industry’s largest selections from the best designers, including Hallmark. To ensure that you never miss an important date like a birthday or anniversary, Treat also offers an integrated service that will remind you of all those important events. A Treat calendar can be set up with reminders for anniversaries, events, family holidays and more. Plus, users can use Facebook Connect to link their Facebook and Treat accounts to import friends’ birthdays. Which is amazing because I barely know my friend’s birthdays so forget about remembering them. I am the one who usually sends the card after I have read on facebook that it was their birthday.

Treat is an easy and revolutionary new way to make personalized greetings in your own style and personality just in time for Mother’s Day! Here is how it works:

* Choose your card from their thousands of designs, including the Mother’s Day Collection. Personalize it with photos, nicknames, inside jokes, whatever you want to add. This is your chance to make it YOUR card. Be creative. Be funny. Be sappy. Make them laugh, cry, or just smile. You can also add an embedded gift card from stores such as Amazon, Target, Pottery Barn and more.

* When you checkout, get unlimited cards for $0.99 each through Mother’s Day. Use the code AFFTREAT to get this special deal. Or, you can also choose to get just one card for free. Use code FREETREAT for that. (Note: These offers are good for first time Treat customers only, so you have to pick one or the other. The good news is that this includes previous Tiny Prints customers). If you are ordering more than one card, the $.99 cent offer will save you the most as each card is normally $2.99.

Treat will truly brighten your day…and the day of the recipients of your new cards! So check them out now and take advantage of their two awesome promotions. They have cards for all kinds of occasions including Birthdays, Friendship Cards, Thank You Cards, Thinking of You and more.

I hope you enjoy this special offer and company as much as my family has!

Stay Glamorous,

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  1. Star April 24, 2012 at 5:44 PM #

    Love it!
    I wanna go order now, but gotta wait for internet & to start working…. 😛

    • Shannon April 25, 2012 at 12:04 AM #

      how are you commenting then lol

  2. Mandy April 30, 2012 at 7:15 AM #

    Thank you for this little announcement. I just made Mother’s day cards from the grandma’s and godmother’s and a birthday card for grandpa… and we spent less than had we bought a card at the store!

    • Shannon April 30, 2012 at 9:11 AM #

      You are welcome. They are a great company so I was happy to share. I have used them for everything for the past 5 years.

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