SuperGlamFan Angie sent me these pictures of her glamorous princesses… don’t get jealous Princess A you are not the only fab princess out there! This is Zoey in an adorable tutu!Here is Zoey in the outfit I saw on twitter that caught my eye. I love that her shirt says “This is my Little Black Dress”. Every woman needs a little black dress even the little women!Here is Zoey’s older sister Layla. I love that she is wearing a dress with casual crocs. One of my favorite fashion tips is to wear a dress with sneakers or some other casual foot wear. Besides being comfortable I think it looks cool and says, “I may be dressed up but I am not stuffy or snobby.” I love wearing dresses with my bowling shoes or converse slip-ons. Thanks Angie for sending me these pictures!

Stay Glamorous,


images via SuperGlamFan Angie

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