Since I was a small child I have been enthralled with Australia and kangaroos. I was lucky to go there on a family trip and it was just as fabulous as I had imagined. Hopefully, I will get to go back one day which is why I am happy to write that Louis Vuitton has opened up a store in Sydney! Billie Achilleos created some cute Australian animals out of Louis Vuitton purses especially for the event. My favorite is the kangaroo!

He also made a cute koala bear! I want one of these so bad! But I don’t have room in my apartment and I can barely afford one Louis Vuitton purse let alone an animal made of purses!

Well, maybe my luck will change and one day I will be able to by myself a ton of animals made of purses and then go to Australia and buy even more purses at the new Louis Vuitton store!

Stay Glamorous,


images via LouisVuitton.com

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