This is the first outfit Amelia sported from Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini line for Target. I love the collection and bought every piece from it… and some luggage…. and some Juniors clothes for when Amelia is older. I know I need help! Anyway, this outfit is called the Mini Mayhem Set and costs $19.
Amelia found the ensemble very comfortable and easy to crawl in.
It was chilly out so I added a hoodie from the collection. This is actually for boys but Amelia looks good in yellow so I bought it anyway. It costs $30 and is called the Boys Mini Woobie Hoodie. It is so soft it makes me want to cuddle Amelia all day and wish that they made this hoodie in my size.
This is the back of the hoodie. See how cute it is!!!!!  We will write more about our experience at the launch of Harajuku Mini for Target but if these pictures haven’t convinced you take my advice and go to your nearest Target and buy some clothes from this line.

The shoes from this outfit are from Baby Gap and cost $16.95. The owl socks are by Zutano and come in a three pack from that cost $14.

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